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MRC Uni of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research 
and Terrence Higgins Trust 2020-ongoing

In an ongoing project with University of Glasgow CVR and Peer Support Scotland (THT), Alice has had the privilege of facilitating regular workshops for researchers and peer group members. These sessions have been based around the practice of Visual Journalling, using this technique to express lived experience with HIV or hepatitis C. These workshops will eventually conclude in a large-scale, collaborative installation artwork that will be displayed in the CVR. 

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'Understanding MRI' 2020-ongoing

In 2020, Alice collaborated with several teams across UCL's Wellcome Centre for Neuroimaging to create a video explaining MRI technology. The aim of the video was to create a resource that would answer questions and alleviate worries for any members of the public attending an MRI scan. 

This project received the 'Outstanding Public Engagement Project Award' by WCHN in May 2021, and the team has since been awarded funding for two more videos. Alice is creating assets for these videos over Summer 2022, and the new, complete videos will be published later this year. 

You can view the video here.

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'Dear World Project' 2020

In collaboration with 'Dear World Project', Alice led four original workshops and painted two large murals at Stour Space in Hackney Wick, February 2020. The exhibition was created by 'Dear World Project' to showcase collaborations between scientists and artists exploring mental health, it's diagnoses, and labels. Alice exhibited these murals inspired by the work of photographers Nan Goldin, Sarah Mei Herman and Karen Rozetsky. In the work shown below, Alice explores themes of human behaviour, affection and sensation, versus the chemical reactions and hormone releases that can be detected in the brain. Photos by Faye Watson.

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'There's No Place Like...'2019

In collaboration with Hop Skip Productions, Alice has illustrated children's picture book 'There's No Place Like..'Published in 2020, 'There's No Place Like..' tells the story of the Curiosity rover as it explores the surface of Mars. This project has involved creating several original artworks, mainly using watercolour, pen and ink.

Purchase 'There's No Place Like...' here

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