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Live Drawing at 'London Health Equity Harvest Festival

September 2021


'London Health Equity Harvest Festival' was an event that took place on the 27th September 2021, organised by GPs to discuss and develop better intersectional healthcare. Featuring primary and secondary health care workers from around the UK.


Portraits at

the CVR

Commissioned by research teams at University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research.

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Happy Bloodcell.jpg

In 2020, Alice collaborated with several teams across UCL's Wellcome Centre for Neuroimaging to create a video explaining MRI technology.

The aim of the video was to create a resource that would answer questions and alleviate worries for any members of the public attending an MRI scan. 

This project recieved the 'Outstanding Project Award' by WCHN, and has lead to Alice creating two more videos for the Wellcome Centre for Neuroimaging, due to be released by the end of 2022.

'Understanding MRI' Video


'Unseen Hands'


Alice had the pleasure of facilitating several workshops and creating the final installation artwork for the Unseen Hands project.

Unseen Hands is a partnership between the CVR and the Terrence Higgins Trust Peer Support Scotland Group (THT) which aims to explore the many different experiences of living with a blood-borne virus (BBV).


In collaboration with 'Dear World Project', Alice led four workshops and painted two large murals at Stour Space in Hackney Wick, February 2020. The exhibition was created by 'Dear World Project' to showcase collaborations between scientists and artists exploring mental health, it's diagnoses, and labels.

Alice exhibited these murals inspired by the work of photographers Nan Goldin, Sarah Mei Herman and Karen Rozetsky.

'Dear World'


There's No Place Like.jpeg

'There's No Place Like...' 2020 

Alice illustrated children's picture book 'There's No Place Like..'. written by Greta Mitchell and published in 2020.

'There's No Place Like..' tells the story of the Curiosity rover as it explores the surface of Mars. Alice created several original artworks for this project, using predominantly watercolour, pen and ink.

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