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Live Wedding Drawing and Portraits

As of July 2023, Alice is available for live wedding drawing and guest portrait drawing.


Live Portrait Drawing - 

Looking for the ultimate bespoke wedding favour that is unique to every guest?

Alice draws personal portraits of guests at your wedding, during the quieter moments of your big day. Your guests can approach Alice for individual or couples portraits, and watch as she captures their likeness and energy from the day. Alice draws using her iPad and after only 10 minutes, a beautiful portrait is printed out and handed to the guest, as well as a digital copy sent to their phone.

Watch as your friends and family walk away ecstatic with a completely original artwork!


Photographs by David Weightman

Untitled_Artwork 4.jpg

Landscape Painting your Ceremony - 

You've picked the perfect place for your wedding ceremony and want to remember it forever. Alice will create a large scale landscape painting of your ceremony, creating a perfectly personal snapshot of the architecture, the weather, the feeling!

Alice will set up a painting station on the edge of your venue and build up a painting as the day goes on. Your guests can feel free to observe Alice painting and feel included as she develops the artwork. A perfect talking point for the quieter moments in the day.

hannah&alex-84 copy.jpg
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